-Are your Tiramisù Alcohol Free?

Yes they are, unless otherwise stated. 

-Are your Tiramisù Halal friendly?

Yes they are, unless otherwise stated. 

-How long can I keep the Tiramisù in the fridge? 

Up to 3 days from the purchase. 

-Can I freeze the Tiramisù? 

If frozen on purchase, then yes. If defrosted, then no.(Please ask us)  

-Do you deliver?

Not at the moment but we're working on it.

-How many people does a standard portion serve? 

Usually one person. Two if you're very good at sharing

-How many people does an 8inch cake serve? 

It can serve 6 people (but you can have more slices, depending how you cut it).

-What allergens do your Tiramisú contain?

Please see our Allergen page.